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Briquetting makes money for Dahlquist Machine

In the bustling northern city of Minneapolis, MN sits the long established and well respected precision job shop Dahlquist Machine. Established in 1969, Dahlquist Machine specializes in the machining of light metals, aluminium, and plastics.

To remain successful for over forty-five years, Dahlquist Machine has continued to invest in the latest technologies to support their principals of producing high precision, quality parts for customers in the fastest possible time.


Dahlquist Machine


To achieve this, company President Jeff Dahlquist constantly looks at all processes in his state of the art facility to see what can be improved.

In talking with Jeff he noted “To keep competitive, we look at all areas of our business. We run a real clean shop and that means looking at how we handle our scrap chips and what type of return we can generate from them. We looked at many options and have been real happy with our purchase of the Command G6 briquetter from John Hart USA. We now collect our scrap chips from the machines and dump them in the G6 and the machine does the rest. The result is we have increased the value of our scrap material by 40%, we recover approximately 60 gallons per day of previously lost cutting fluids and our scrap transportation charge has been reduced by 75%. All of these benefits have helped the business save a lot of money and combined to make the machine payback real attractive. It also helps us keep the factory clean, while helping the environment at the same time”.

Jeff has seen his state of the art G6 briquette machine become an integral part of the production process and with service support from the team at John Hart USA he has really taken control of his chip issues.