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Adding value with turnkey chip management systems

As manufacturers of cutting edge metal recycling equipment, we know a thing or two about building machines. Which is why, at the requests of our customers, we have started incorporating turnkey technology into our briquetter orders.

Speaking with Paul Ramberg our Operations Manager, he noted how pleased he is to offer this service. “Customers sometimes require extra capabilities beyond what our standard machine offers. For example; a customer could require extra processing on scrap metal, using accessories such as a magnetic separator or a shredder, or perhaps an entire solution involving an autonomous chip collection conveyor, allowing the briquetter to work 24 hours a day in a “lights off” style operation.

We can build a custom cell tailored to their factory which in the long run, will benefit them far more than using a standalone briquetter. In saying that, most customers will be fine with a standard machine, but it’s helpful for customers to know the option is there.”