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How a metal briquette machine works

What is briquetting? How does a briquetter work? And why is briquetting important?



This video demonstrates the basic functions of a briquette machine using John Hart's Command 400 briquetter. Command briquette machines draw on over sixty years of experience in manufacturing technology and set a new benchmark in machine quality, efficiency, reliability, safety and design.

This briquette machine is highly efficient and reliable and will help you turn scrap metal into more valuable briquettes. Add to this the recovery of previously lost cutting fluids and you will find the Command briquetter is your valuable partner in bolstering your bottom line and building your company's environmental credentials.

This briquette machine can process 400lbs of aluminium per hour and 1,060lbs of steel per hour and possess the highest hydraulic system pressure and face pressure per briquette and in the entire command range.

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