Command G6


The Command G6 has been designed as a fully featured machine and includes an in-built 55 gallon auger box and an exit conveyor as standard. At the heart of the machine is a heavy duty, high precision, single compression cylinder, which is driven by a 15HP motor. This setup provides the capacity to process up to 100lbs of aluminum per hour and up to 250lbs of steel per hour.

Controlling the machine is the CommandWare system. This simple to use system provides alarm feedback, monitors briquette production, provides automatic briquette length compensation, allows remote diagnostics and offers a simple, interactive touch screen experience which enhances machine handling.

This machine is suited for businesses producing a low volume of chips and those with limited space. To find out more, contact one of our sales engineers.

Command G6
Imperial Metric
Nominal Capacity/hr – Aluminum <100lbs/hr <45kg/hr
Nominal Capacity/hr – Steel <250lbs/hr <110kg/hr
Nominal Briquette Size (Dia x Length) 2.5″ x 1.6″ 63 x 40mm
Nominal Face Pressure on Briquette <29,000psi <200MPa
Hydraulic System Pressure <2,800psi <19MPa
Main Motor Power 15HP 11kW
Touch Screen Interface 3.5″ LCD 8.9cm LCD
Command G6
Imperial Metric
Length (Main Unit) 59″ 1,500mm
Depth (Without Exit Conveyor) 51″ 1,300mm
Height (Installed) 53″ 1,350mm
Mass (Main Unit) 4,960lbs 2,250kg
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