The Command P series comes standard with a 10″ color LCD monitor and a 3.8″ version is included in the Command G series machines.

The touch screen interface communicates with a state of the art Programmable Logic Controller system for seamless operation. Combined with the innovative CommandWare system, the machine is simple and intuitive to use.


Command Controller Sizes
  • Electronic monitoring of both ram pressure and position to enable automatic adjustment of briquette size and density
  • Ease of operation using simple but comprehensive HMI graphics
  • Remote access via an optional modem for off-site fault diagnosis

The CommandWare software system provides users with an easy to use and intuitive interface system. The software offers a very logical approach to machine operation and fault finding.

Featuring both automatic and manual modes, the user can quickly and easily vary machine positions and functions. The system has a range of smart functions which automatically sense and help optimise machine performance.

Functions include – Automatic Jam Detection System (AJDS), Automatic Briquette Length Compensation (ABLC), Material Compensation System (MCS), Remote Diagnostics, and Machine Performance Reporting.

If you would like to learn more regarding these functions, please see the CommandWare page.