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John Hart CogCommandWare

The revolutionary CommandWare machine software system on the Command series briquetters, provides users with an easy to use and efficient interface system. The software offers a very logical approach to machine operation and fault finding. Featuring both automatic and manual modes, the user can quickly and easily move between function screens to vary machine positions and functions. The system has a range of smart functions which automatically sense and help solve machine performance issues.

Simple to use touch screen

Ensures efficient machine operation.

Logical screen configuration and page ordering

Improves machine uptime.

Compaction Status Graphics

The on-screen graphics show the operator where the machine is positioned during the compaction process.

Hopper in-feed monitoring

Constantly monitors the machine in feed conditions and makes adjustments to ensure a consistent inflow of chips.

Automatic briquette counter

Allows the tracking of machine output to ensure an accurate estimate of material production weight.

Automatic Jam Detection System (AJDS)

Intelligently senses a machine system jam, runs a recovery process and alerts the operator.

Automatic Briquette Length Compensation (ABLC)

With its advanced, high-resolution linear transducer, the P series automatically senses and adjusts briquette lengths to ensure consistency.

Material Compensation System (MCS)

Adjusts for material changeover and works automatically with the ABLC system to ensure briquette length consistency with new materials.

Thermal Monitoring System (TMS)

Utilizing an analog temperature sensor unit, the controller can accurately monitor the hydraulic operating temperature and display the results on the CommandWare interface, alerting the operator of a potential overheating condition.

Remote diagnostics

Allows the tracking of machine activity and fault finding in real time.

Machine performance reporting

Provides a package of machine performance reports including alarm history, production rates and performance evaluation.

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