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John Hart CogAdvantages

By choosing the right Command Series chip briquetting system for your metal working operation, you will help your business gain significant financial and operational advantage, whilst also assisting the environment.

At John Hart USA, we recognize that there is more to it than this. Yes our chip briquetting products offer a great return on investment, but we also offer value for money that is less tangible than ROI’s or a balance sheet’s figures.

We consider the design of our products, the quality of the process and the components, a high level of after-sales support and our factory backed warranty to be equally as important as any other advantage of the machine.



Read on for more detail on each of these areas.

Metal Chip Briquetting ROI


Increase the value of your scrap metal Reclaim & re-use valuable cutting fluids Reduce required…

Environmental Benefits of Briquetting


Recover up to 90% of lost coolant Keep your working environment clean Reduce the amount…

Command Briquetter FEA Testing


Intelligent machine design means that the Command series of briquetters have many common parts. They…

Commnad Briquetter FEA Testing

FEA Testing

The Command series of briquetters go through a rigorous and extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA)…



Description Specifications Functions The Command P series comes standard with a 10″ color LCD monitor…



The revolutionary CommandWare machine software system on the Command series briquetters, provides users with an…

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