CellPro CNC Machine Tool Loading Operating System

Visually rich, intuitive user interface

All CellPro CNC Machine Tool Loading Systems feature the same state-of-the-art user interface that requires no robot programming knowledge.
Specifically designed to be intuitive for the CNC machine tool user, CellPro requires minimal training.
System status is displayed on the CellPro cell controller in real-time, allowing for quick error diagnosis and production progress reporting.

CellPro Machine Loading Controller

CellPro Process Builder.

CellPro Process Builder

The machine loading process is created by simply dragging and dropping modules from the available list into the CellPro Process Builder. Once created the user is guided by a wizard to complete the configuration.

Live machine integration.

Cellpro Mazak Integration

Screens from the CNC machine tool are accessible through the CellPro cell controller allowing for continuous uninterrupted production, including the ability to enter vital tool wear offset information into the machine tool without entering the safety enclosure and stopping the system.

Live quality control.

CellPro Live Quality Control

CellPro can be easily configured to present finished parts to the user for inspection through a drawer or chute. Options are available to choose the frequency of inspection as well as the ability to request an instant inspection of the next part coming out of the machine tool.

Live production statistics.

CellPro Live Production Statistics

System statistics provide up-to-date production and system information to report on system performance and help operators improve system efficiency.



CellPro Process Builder

It takes just a few seconds to drag and drop modules to define a production sequence.
CellPro Process Builder will then guide you to complete the configuration process in just a few minutes.
It couldn’t be simpler.


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