Erdwich Shredders

Pre-process stringy chips ready for briquetting.

Erdwich shredders are impressively reliable and give many years of service. You can rely on Erdwich shredders – tried and tested a thousand times! In developing their shredders, Erdwich have paid special attention to operating efficiency and flexibility.

Erdwich shredders are also top of the class when it comes to ease of maintenance. Whether you’re recycling metal swarf or metal scrap, we can always offer you a solution perfectly matched to your needs.


Erdwich One Shaft Metal Chip Shredder

Erdwich One Shaft

For shredding to exactly defined pieces of metal, the ERDWICH single-shaft technology represents a sophisticated and economic solution. The effective, thousandfold proven rotor – stator cutting principle with sieve below for defining the size of shredded metal, reduces the materials in a single-pass operation.

The material is collected by the cutting rotor and is cut repeatedly at the stator until the desired size is reached and is discharged through the perforated sieve mounted under the machine.

Due to their space-saving construction and their variable drive concepts, with rotation speeds specially adapted to the material, these solid and highly efficient shredders can be applied to a wide variety of applications with consistent results.

Choose from the following one shaft shredders:

  • Erdwich One Shaft M400
  • Erdwich One Shaft M600
  • Erdwich One Shaft M700

Erdwich Two Shaft Metal Chip Shredder

Erdwich Two Shaft

When continuously shredding large quantities and volumes or when pre-shredding is required for further procedures, there is no alternative to ERDWICH two-shaft technology.

It is based on the proven rotor-shearing cutting principle from ERDWICH, the most implemented of its kind. The material is seized by individual knife hooks on the rotor and is pulled in and cut between the knives of the two opposing shafts.

The two strong cutting rotors master all materials, even difficult to shred or large and voluminous materials.

Choose from the following two shaft shredders:

  • Erdwich Two Shaft M450
  • Erdwich Two Shaft M465
  • Erdwich Two Shaft M468
  • Erdwich Two Shaft M480

Erdwich Three Shaft Metal Chip Shredder

Erdwich Three Shaft

For the defined shredding of large volumes and/or massive materials required for further operating or processing procedures, ERDWICH has developed it’s three-shaft technology.

It is based on the proven rotor-shearing cutting principle of the two-shaft technology. Due to the different speeds of the three cutting rotors and to variable knife equipments, the materials are continuously pulled in and shredded – with no jamming or blocking. Materials which are too voluminous are cycled by the overhead transfer shaft to the knife shafts below for further shredding. This circuit is repeated until the required metal chip size has been achieved.

The size of the metal is determined by perforated sieves mounted under the machine through which the materials drop and are discharged after shredding.

Choose from the following three shaft shredders:

  • Erdwich Three Shaft M465
  • Erdwich Three Shaft M500