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Command Metal Chip Briquetters

Briquetting chips creates an income stream for your business

Command G Series Briquetters

Erdwich Metal Chip Shredders

Pre-process stringy chips ready for briquetting

Erdwich Shredders

Siebec Coolant Filtration

Reclaim and recycle previously lost cutting fluids

Siebec Coolant Filtration

John Hart Engineered Chip management Systems

Full turnkey solutions

Engineered Chip Management Systems



John Hart USA Chip Management Systems.

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Turn your CNC scrap into profit

The briquetting process takes metal chips or swarf and compresses them under high pressure into a briquette form, with the added benefit of being able to recover the coolant and other valuable lubricants squeezed out during the process.

Increase the value of your scrap metal

scrap metal value

Briquettes are more valuable than scrap metal, creating an income stream for your business.

Reclaim & re-use your cutting fluids

reclaim cutting fluids

Up to 90% of trapped coolant is recovered and can be recycled back into your machine, reducing the cost of new fluid purchases and reducing your environmental waste.

Reduce your scrap storage space

reduce scrap storage

Less space is needed for briquettes, reducing storage costs and creating more room for other profitable activities.

Reduce your scrap metal transport costs

reduce scrap transport

Briquettes require less truck capacity, with volume reductions of up to 20:1 compared to loose chips, reducing transportation costs.

Keep your working environment clean

clean environment

Boost your green credentials by using the Command briquetter and complying with ISO 14001 EMS.

Reduce your risks for spillage

spillage risk

Transporting dry briquettes removes the possibility of fluid spillage.


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