Robotic Automation Systems

Robotic automation brings a return on investment that no manufacturing business can afford to ignore.
Robotic automation results in higher productivity, reliability, capability, and safety.
It can significantly reduce operating costs, and under-utlization of manufacturing machines and facilities.


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CellPro Modular Robotic Systems

Seriously easy robotic tending for CNC machine tools

CellPro Modular Robotic Systems

Become more productive, competitive and cost effective

Engineered Robotic Automation Systems

John Hart Engineered Robotic Automation Systems
Revolutionize your manufacturing.

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Become globally competitive

First world manufacturers, with our higher labour rates and manufacturing costs, are finding it increasingly difficult to compete for contracts against overseas suppliers who seem to have an inexhaustible supply of inexpensive labour and production capacity. Automating your manufacturing process goes a long way to reducing this offshore advantage.

Reduce your labour cost

Although labour is not the only factor to take into consideration, it is an important factor to consider when looking to reduce manufacturing costs. With a 1.5 to 2 year return on investment period, an automated system can quickly recover the fully burdened labour rate to your company, taking into account that the cost-to-company for an operator is substantially higher than the direct per hour labour rate.

Increase your quality

Stable and repeatable processes create high quality products. Tight control of system parameters coupled with high speed, accurate, repeatable part placement or path process (welding, sealing) allows an automated system to produce near identical components with high efficiency.

Decrease your health and safety risks

Automated systems reduce the risk of employees injuring themselves through accidents or strain due to repetitive, monotonous or difficult tasks. Operators can be better utilised performing tasks requiring higher skills with less exposure to injury creating a more motivated, challenged workforce.

Increase your working time for less man-hours

Automated systems allow your plant to run for longer periods unattended and produce more product without the requirement for additional labour. ‘Lights out’ manufacturing is a reality and requires little or no labour to achieve it, systems can be loaded with product and run autonomously for extended periods of time.